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  • July 10, 2024

Enhance Your Business Communication with Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a reliable and flexible communication system is essential for success. Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX systems provide a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of small to enterprise-sized businesses. Whether you are looking for VOIP, NBN phone systems, or advanced call center features, Broadconnect has you covered. Here’s how our Hosted PBX can transform your business operations.

Why Choose Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX?

Comprehensive Call Management

Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX systems offer robust call management features that ensure your business never misses a call. Key functionalities include:

  • Call Queuing: Efficiently manage incoming calls during peak hours.
  • Management Dashboard: Gain insights into call metrics and performance.
  • Call Forwarding: Redirect calls to the appropriate department or individual seamlessly.
  • Ring Groups: Group multiple phone lines to ring simultaneously.
  • Simultaneous Ringing: Ensure calls are answered promptly by ringing multiple devices at once.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Communication

Our Hosted PBX systems are equipped with advanced features designed to improve your communication experience:

  • Phone Number Retention: Keep your existing phone numbers when switching to our service.
  • Quality VoIP: Experience crystal-clear call quality.
  • Auto Attendant (IVR): Automate call routing to streamline operations.
  • Automated Day/Night Modes: Automatically switch call handling based on business hours.
  • Voicemail to Email: Receive voicemail transcriptions directly to your inbox.
  • Fax to Email: Send and receive faxes via email.
  • Call Recording: Record calls for training and quality assurance purposes.

Unified Communications for Seamless Collaboration

Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX systems integrate with various communication tools to provide a unified experience:

  • Video 1:1 Calling: Connect with colleagues and clients face-to-face.
  • Video Conferencing: Host virtual meetings with multiple participants.
  • Webinars: Conduct webinars for training or marketing purposes.
  • Document Sharing: Share documents in real-time during calls or meetings.
  • Instant Messaging: Communicate quickly with team members.
  • Presence: See the availability status of your contacts.

Mobility and Flexibility

Work from anywhere with Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX mobile app and wireless handsets. Turn your mobile phone into a business phone system with features like:

  • Auto-Attendant: Professionally greet and route calls.
  • VoIP: Make and receive calls over the internet.
  • ACD Inbound Call Management: Manage call distribution efficiently.
  • Customizable Greetings: Personalize greetings based on time of day or caller.

Operational Transparency

Maintain full control over your operations with Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX Management Dashboard. Analyze call data, monitor calls, and access detailed reports to make informed decisions. The Change Management Portal allows you to:

  • Scale Operations: Add or remove users as needed.
  • Modify Settings: Change call routing, phone settings, and voice messages in real-time.
  • Remote Access: Make changes from any location using the web portal or mobile app.

Integration with Leading Platforms

Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX systems seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. This integration ensures a smooth workflow and enhances collaboration across your organization.

Secure Unified Communications

Broadconnect prioritizes security, offering encrypted communication channels to protect your data. Our systems support:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Webinars
  • Document Sharing
  • Live Presence

Ready to Transform Your Business Communication?

Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX solutions are designed to provide your business with the tools needed for efficient and effective communication. Whether you are a small business, a mid-size company, or a large enterprise, our systems can scale to meet your needs. Experience the future of business communication with Broadconnect’s Hosted PBX.

Contact us today to learn more and get started.